Rye Foundation Switzerland

The foundation operates a center to promote rye as a valuable healthy food in Switzerland, especially in the Leuk region, and aims to inform and sensitize people to the benefits of rye.

Through research, knowledge transfer, innovation, accommodation and food and information about rye - from the raw material to the end product - the foundation seeks to create a sustainable value chain and network all these activities with all its know-how. The foundation is building and operating the infrastructure necessary for the fulfilment of the goal. The Foundation is located in the building of the Rye Center.

Restaurant Roggenstube

Let yourself be carried away by the sunny side of the mountains. In the comfortable ambience of the Roggen Stube at 1238m above sea level you can enjoy a unique view of the breathtaking mountain panorama. Families are also very welcome. On the playground and in the play corner, your children can enjoy themselves while you sit back and let us spoil you.

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Hotel Roggen

Contemplate the breathtaking panorama of the Valais mountains from the cosy rooms of the Hotel Roggen in Erschmatt. The rooms of this small but welcoming hotel are furnished in a modern, alpine style. Rye also plays a central role in the associated restaurant and bakery.

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Rye bakery

With specialties from our rye bakery, you can immerse yourself in an authentic dining experience tasting traditional Valais culture.
Only in Erschmatt will you find the original rye bread in its organic quality - healthy and a regional speciality - eifach güät!

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Contact and Address

Roggen Zentrum
Kreuzstrasse 5a
3957 Erschmatt
 +41 27 932 51 80