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Barns and granaries with mouse-defeating stone plates, a historic church and chapel and "Gottäsjini" (shrines) typical of the rural Catholic Upper Valais. A traditional mill and village oven - visible witnesses to an earlier period of self-sufficiency. In Erschmatt all this is still surviving, and in addition there is the variety of historic Valais cultivated plants in the Botanic. Hoher Spycher, the prehistoric Hugostein (Hugo Stone), Heliodome (a house with passive solar heating following the sun’s path across the sky throughout the year) - these also are part of Erschmatt. And in autumn the smoke bush (Cotinus coggygria), which covers the southern flank east of the Hohe Brücke with its bright red. Or the stone canals high in the Bruu’s upper slopes. In short: Erschmatt has a lot of curiosities.

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Dolce far niente or some physical activity? Whether you want the pleasures of idleness to a nutritious tour, we have something for (almost) every taste in Erschmatt and the surrounding region. If you want to take it easy, you can certainly get your money's worth here. And for people who are looking for exercise and variety, the possibilities are numerous.

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Kultur & Dorfleben

The Hugostein reached Erschmatt naturally several thousand years ago. Since then,all the generations that have inhabited, tilled and animated the sunny terraces under the Hugostein after the retreat of the Rhone Glacier have shown what human hands and a creative spirit can do, from the earliest times to the present day. The visible witnesses of the past and present as well as the language, customs, history and stories are welcomed here.

Both the locals and their relatives and acquaintances from outside contribute to a rich and varied village life. Associations, cooperatives, informal groups and individuals strive to create something of value for the villagers and their guests throughout the year.

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