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"Güotä Tag", "Tagwohl", "salü" - this is how the Erscherinnen and Erscher greet each other, but only until twelve o'clock. After that, it is "Güotun Abund", similar to the German for "Good evening". Odd? Not really, because at noon the first half of the day is over and then the evening begins... Come discover and experience an authentic mountain village in Valais and the life and work of the people of this village.

Idyllic mountain village in Valais

Situated on a plateau 1230m above sea-level in the Leuker Sonnenbergen, Erschmatt is a typical Valais village with many natural and cultural treasures and a rich past dating back to the Celtic period (4th century BC). Its approximately 270 inhabitants, together with committed supporters from outside the village, ensure a lively and diverse cultural life. A Village shop, restaurant and hotel guarantee that visitors and guests can feel comfortable here.

Discover Erschmatt

Mann erntet Roggen in Erschmatt nach traditioneller Art
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Rye and Erschmatt

Rye bread lies at the heart of Erschmatt: arable terraces, barns, granaries, mills and bakeries make it possible to experience how a village used to provision itself with its own bread. The Botanical Garden grows the traditional grain species as well as providing the habitat for accompanying flora. The modern rye bakery supplies shops all over Switzerland with rye bread made in Erschmatt.

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Baking bread and experiencing the entire process of creating bread from rye grain yourself is possible in Erschmatt. The village and its surroundings offer even more: a varied collection of plant species with many crops and their rich accompanying flora, village tours and encounters with old Valais legends, unique goats and sheep as well as horse trekking and more.

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