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Association Erlebniswelt Roggen Erschmatt

Preserving and promoting natural and cultural heritage

Since its foundation in 2003, the non-profit association Erlebniswelt Roggen has been committed to the preservation, enhancement and further development of the natural and cultural heritage related to rye. It promotes efforts and projects for the preservation of the cultural landscape and biological diversity. In addition, the association is committed to promoting a diverse cultural life in and around Erschmatt through public events (concerts, readings, communal events, thematic village tours, etc.).

Conveying experiences and knowledge

Raising awareness of the natural and cultural heritage related to rye means enabling encounters and experiences of biological diversity and creating access to the way of life of present and previous generations.

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Promoting biodiversity

The biodiversity in the Valais mountains has developed over the centuries through traditional farming. Since the middle of the 20th century, the habitat cultivated for plants and their accompanying flora in the Valais has changed fundamentally. Preserving the diversity of old varieties is important as a reservoir for future new varieties. It is our mission to maintain and promote them.

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Preserving and documenting cultural heritage

The barns and granaries, the village ovens, old mills, stables and barns are visible witnesses of an earlier period of self-sufficiency. Today's generation of grandparents still have the skills, equipment and knowledge for the production of these foods from their personal experience. In order for this cultural heritage not to be forgotten, it must be documented and further developed.

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Valuing Zälg's cultural landscape

The arable terraces in the Zälg of Erschmatt define the east of the village. They have lost their original importance as a granary for the village's population. In order to control the bush and forest growth while re-establishing its biological diversity, the former terraces must be maintained through management that is close to nature. In this way, they will retain their value for future generations.

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