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Erschmatt’s Botanic Reserve offers a home to historic cultivated plants.

These ancient cultivated varieties are very rarely planted today, but they deserve preservation as part of the region’s biological diversity. More famous cultivated plants such as Valais rye, barley and broad beans are also represented as well as millet and buck wheat. All these food plants were planted in Switzerland in earlier times.
Companion species that are now rare such as (the poisonous) corn-cockle, Adonis (crowfoot),
Nigella (in the buttercup/crowfoot family) and larkspur are also preserved in the reserve.

The reserve offers a selection of seeds you can plant in your garden. It also contains approved kinds of companion flowers. You can find the list of all agricultural weeds that we monitor here (in German). And here is our short guide to planting and cultivation, also in German.If you need more information, we are glad to help: contact us here.

The Botanic Reserve receives financial support from the Swiss federal authorities, the canton, Schweizer Bergheimat, the Fonds Landschaft Schweiz, the Landschaftsschutz Schweiz foundation and other organizations. More information is below..

Illustrations: broad beans, barley, Goms soup peas (leaflet in German)


Adonis flammea

Illustration: Adonis flammea