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Our Baking Experience Package is designed for all:

  • who like to bake bread
  • who love rye bread
  • who want to learn about the rye bread tradition
  • nostalgic Valais citizens feeling homesick for their past
  • people who know the Valais or those who want to.

You join us in the warm bakery workshop, knead dough and bake your bread.

During the breaks you can get to know our village and the Botanic Reserve, and experience the process by which the bread passes from grain to loaf (threshing in the barn, milling the grains). At the same time you learn everything about rye bread. You may even hear a local story or two.
Our package covers the baking tradition from its origins and takes it further. This is how we preserve and protect our traditions. Individuals can take advantage of the days in
the annual programme. For groups of 8 or more we can offer the baking experience by special arrangement. Here is a specimen programme:

  • 12.30 Welcome, Introduction

  • 13.30 knead dough, shape bread

  • ca.15.30 put bread in oven, village tour, Film

  • ca. 16.45 take bread out of the oven, clean up, departure

The Baking Experiences costs Fr. 70.- per person (including non-alcoholic drinks)

Getting here

The baking experience is designed so that you can get to and from Erschmatt using public transport: 11.50 bus leaves Leuk rail station, arrival in Erschmatt Dorf 12.16
Bus depart to Leuk rail station 17.13 (Monday to Friday) or 18.42 (Monday to Saturday)